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You gotta love Christmas.

Anyway, I ended up with a little bit of cash in my pocket.  When that happens, I get the urge to treat myself to stuff.  2010 was a pretty big year for BL manga, so I was only able to get what I really wanted.  Now that I know about Kinokuniya and their free shipping option, I'm going to need your help, fellow fujoshi!  I'm splitting this into two groups--"Definite" are the ones that I've already decided will be part of the purchase.  "Indefinite" are the ones that I'll need your help with.


椿びより (Tsubaki Biyori) by Ishino Aya ~ $9.80
椿だより (Tsubaki Dayori) by Ishino Aya ~ $11.30
同級生 (Doukyuusei) by Nakamura Asumiko ~ $10.70
卒業生 冬 (Sotsugyousei -Fuyu-) by Nakamura Asumiko ~ $10.70
卒業生 春 (Sotsugyousei -Haru-) by Nakamura Asumiko ~ $10.70
メランコリックメローメロー (Melancholic Mellow Mellow) by Ootsuki Miu ~ $10.35
calling by Ootsuki Miu ~ $9.45
窓辺の君 (Madobe no Kimi) by Kumota Haruko ~ $9.80

The total for this is $82.80.  Now you know why it's so darn tricky.  I need something else, obviously, but what should I pick?  Make a choice from the list below, please~ (-人-)


sweet pool by Kurumazaki Mayu/Nitro+ CHiRAL ~ $10.95
千 ~長夜の契~ (Sen -Chouya no Chigiri-) by Okadaya Tetuzoh ~ $11.40
僕はすべてを知っている (Boku wa Subete wo Shitteiru) by Takaku Shouko ~ $11.10

Now, my reasons for the Indefinite titles:

Sweet Pool: It was my very first BL game, ever.  I found the artwork gorgeous, even though the game is gory and a mental trip.  And I love the main pairing so much--those two MADE the game for me.

Sen ~Chouya no Chigiri~: This would be my FIRST Okadaya manga, ever.  When I heard that it had fantasy in it I jumped all over it.

Boku wa Subete wo Shitteiru: I translated the first chapter of this for TerribleTrio, and found it hilarious.  Now that I see that there's a full tankoubon out for it I'm like "OMFG THE PENIS MANGA HAS A TANKOUBON!? DO WANT!"  

Urgh.. why is it so hard to decide when it comes to buying BL manga!?  I should also note that some may (or may not) be out of stock when I do place my order, so suggestions are also welcome as well! :3

EDIT: It's been decided!! Sen ~Zouya no Chigiri~ and Sweet Pool will be part of the order!! Thanks guys! <3
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