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Reply to this entry with ITS A MEME somewhere in your comment. Then I'll choose six of your icons for you to talk about in your own journal.


From left to right:

1) Chousokabe Motochika from Sengoku Basara: I'm a huge fan of Motochika, who I often call "Aniki" (since that's what his followers call him).  Ironically enough, his nickname USED to be "Princess," but since he became a feudal lord, it changed to "Ogre" or "Demon." 8D  Plus I'm liable to fangirl over silver-haired bishounen. :3  This icon though, is for moments when I get pissed off and have to rant.

2) Tsukimi from KuragehimeKuragehime is one of those shows that draws you in from the get-go.  It's about a jellyfish otaku who meets a guy who cross-dresses.  In the process, she's brought out of her shell, no matter how uncomfortably by Kuranosuke. XD This icon is my "SAY WHAT!?" or extreme shock icon. :D

3) Tsukimi again. But this icon is used for fangirling moments where I'm liable to squee so much.  Ironically enough I've never nosebled, so this does it for me. XD

4) Mizuno from Star Driver: Okay, I didn't like Mizuno-much during the course of her arc, but I like her character more than Wako, though less than Sakana.  I usually use this when analyzing something. ^^;

5) Aniki again.  But I use this one if I wanna say something along the lines of "LET'S DO THIS!!"  It's my pumped-up icon. XD

6) Kura(nosuke) from Kuragehime: Kuranosuke made for such a convincing girl that when he took it all off in ep 1 I was left with my mouth hanging open.  AND he's voiced by  my all-time fave female seiyuu:  Mitsuki Saiga. :D I use this... well, I use it whenever possible; it's a nice "generic" icon. :D
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