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 So it's now 2013.  There's not really a lot that I have to say, given that I rang in the New Year by working on New Year's Eve AND New Year's Day.  Given the slight changes that I've been going through mid to late last year (*coughs*COMING OUT OF MY SHELL LITTLE BY LITTLE*coughs*), I have a few resolutions of my own this year, because I'll be turning 26 and then the next thing I know I'll be hitting thirty and the thought of that scares me a little.

1. Write more!

I've been on and off writing for as long as I can remember, and even though I can complete NaNoWriMo (which I've done about three times), I still haven't the guts to just FINISH editing my stories.  I don't know what's holding me back, but I'm gonna just say "Screw it" and go ahead with it.  The unfortunate thing?  The NaNo title I REALLY wanted to publish is on my other computer, and since that one went out of commission I have no choice but to continue forward.  Whenever I get an itch to write, I must go ahead and do it.  If I have to start small, then I'll start small.  Bigger things will come to me; I know it.

2. Be happy!

It's thanks to people like Taeyang and Justin Lyons that I'm able to smile a little bit more every day.  We may have our moments when life gets us down, but it's thanks to them (hell, the whole of the Big Bang Band!), and even Seungri that I'm a little happier.  I have to keep focusing on the positive, saying that things will get better, that good things will happen.  If I don't, then where will that get me?  Yes, I may be realistic to a point but I have to stop focusing on the shit that goes wrong and instead focus on the things that go right.

3. Continue Japanese and Korean self-study!

Ever since last year I started teaching myself Korean.  Thanks to Talk to Me in Korean I'm learning little by little, but I feel like my Japanese is slipping somewhat.  So I hafta fix that.  An hour of Kdramas and an hour of anime?  I dunno yet.  If I keep starring eps of TTMIK I'm bound to get something down pat. Still gotta order the hangeul keyboard stickers for my computer. ><

4. Take more risks!

I don't mean by trying everything up the wazoo, but by doing things that I wanna do. I learned by taking a chance and going to the concert on November 9th. If I want anything in this life I have to take it.  I can't wait.  Waiting gets me nothing but a handful of "what ifs."

That's pretty much it.  Though the year has started off with some drama that I won't go into right now, it's starting off well.  =)  Hopefully the next entry will be a retrospective about 2012.



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