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2030-02-04 11:18 am

Changes to this journal begin now.

Starting now, this LJ is friends-only.  If you want to be friends, leave a comment here.

EDIT:  Also, it would be nice if you didn't comment here asking to friend me after finding out that I'm a mod for [ profile] t3rribletrio .  I have other interests besides yaoi, so if me being part of a scan group is your reasoning for friending me, then your request will be denied.  I also find randomly adding me rather annoying, so please don't do that.
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2013-01-05 12:06 am

Time to shake everything off and start anew.

 So it's now 2013.  There's not really a lot that I have to say, given that I rang in the New Year by working on New Year's Eve AND New Year's Day.  Given the slight changes that I've been going through mid to late last year (*coughs*COMING OUT OF MY SHELL LITTLE BY LITTLE*coughs*), I have a few resolutions of my own this year, because I'll be turning 26 and then the next thing I know I'll be hitting thirty and the thought of that scares me a little.

1. Write more!

I've been on and off writing for as long as I can remember, and even though I can complete NaNoWriMo (which I've done about three times), I still haven't the guts to just FINISH editing my stories.  I don't know what's holding me back, but I'm gonna just say "Screw it" and go ahead with it.  The unfortunate thing?  The NaNo title I REALLY wanted to publish is on my other computer, and since that one went out of commission I have no choice but to continue forward.  Whenever I get an itch to write, I must go ahead and do it.  If I have to start small, then I'll start small.  Bigger things will come to me; I know it.

2. Be happy!

It's thanks to people like Taeyang and Justin Lyons that I'm able to smile a little bit more every day.  We may have our moments when life gets us down, but it's thanks to them (hell, the whole of the Big Bang Band!), and even Seungri that I'm a little happier.  I have to keep focusing on the positive, saying that things will get better, that good things will happen.  If I don't, then where will that get me?  Yes, I may be realistic to a point but I have to stop focusing on the shit that goes wrong and instead focus on the things that go right.

3. Continue Japanese and Korean self-study!

Ever since last year I started teaching myself Korean.  Thanks to Talk to Me in Korean I'm learning little by little, but I feel like my Japanese is slipping somewhat.  So I hafta fix that.  An hour of Kdramas and an hour of anime?  I dunno yet.  If I keep starring eps of TTMIK I'm bound to get something down pat. Still gotta order the hangeul keyboard stickers for my computer. ><

4. Take more risks!

I don't mean by trying everything up the wazoo, but by doing things that I wanna do. I learned by taking a chance and going to the concert on November 9th. If I want anything in this life I have to take it.  I can't wait.  Waiting gets me nothing but a handful of "what ifs."

That's pretty much it.  Though the year has started off with some drama that I won't go into right now, it's starting off well.  =)  Hopefully the next entry will be a retrospective about 2012.


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2011-09-30 03:28 pm

My Fall 2011 Anime Watchlist

Summer's over, and we've officially entered Autumn. Along with the chilled winds in the northeastern section of the US, this also means that it's time once again to go through various charts and sites to figure out for ourselves what's worth watching. "Seiyuu reasoning" is basically a list of seiyuu that equal my reasoning for watching the show. My picks? Here they are:

Guilty Crown - 22 episodes long.

Seiyuu Reasoning: Kaji Yuuki, Nakamura Yuuichi, Koyasu Takehito.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - 13 episodes long.

Seiyuu Reasoning: Fukuyama Jun, Hirakawa Daisuke, Koyasu Takehito, Ono Daisuke, Sugita Tomokazu

Mirai Nikki - 26 episodes long.

Seiyuu Reasoning: Ishida Akira, Kawahara Yoshihisa, Yukana

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle - 25 episodes long.

Seiyuu Reasoning: Fukuyama Jun, Sakurai Takahiro, Ishida Akira

UN-GO - 11 episodes long.

Seiyuu Reasoning: Irino Miyu, Miki Shinichiro

There's not much this season, so along with the ones listed, I'll be finishing up shows that I started already, and watching shows that I haven't started.  Those are all big titles, but I'm hoping the Winter 2011 season is much better.

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2011-06-24 10:26 pm

All Right, Guys, Listen Up!!!

If you're a yaoi/BL fan, then surely you know of the Aarinfantasy Forum.

I'm gonna be short and to the point:


For more information, go here. If the donation goal isn't met, the forum may close as soon as next month. If you have money to donate, please do so.

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2011-06-02 01:53 am

From the [ profile] hirarinrabu Comm!

Alright, it's the wonderful (and hot!) month of June, which means one huge thing for the members of this comm (and Hirarin fans everywhere):

Hirakawa Daisuke's birthday!

June 4th is the big day, and I had an idea:

- Select one BLCD with Hirakawa Daisuke in an UKE role.
- Select one BLCD with Hirakawa Daisuke in a SEME role.
- Select one Talk CD with Hirakawa Daisuke in it (he doesn't have to be the only one in it, if you prefer that).
- Select one Seiyuu Live Event with Hirakawa Daisuke.
- Select one Radio Live with Hirakawa Daisuke.

Get the drift?  The point is to just see/hear nothing but Hirakawa-san!  This choice is optional, but if you're able to play any BL or Otome games, feel free to play those as well!  If you've any suggestions at all, please leave them in the comments.  There's no need to comment with what you're gonna listen to on that day, by the way.

Feel free to comment with your plans for that day!  It shall make for interesting discussion, no? =)

Please comment on the thread here.  You gotta be a member to see the entry, but joining's no problem; just hit the "join community" button and you'll be all set!
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2011-04-14 06:21 pm

The DuRaRaRa!!! Effect (or, the effect that LJ had on compiling the March 11th Safe List)

For those of you who have helped me compile a list for this entry, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

While it has been over a  month since the Great Earthquake, there's still a large amount of people missing, regardless of what they do.  Many aftershocks have occurred in the wake of the earthquake, as well.  The radiation in Japan has been reported to be at a level at or near that of Chernobyl's.  Even with all the constant hits Japan has been taking recently, the country is (very) slowly coming back.  It may not come back to the point where it was prior to the earthquake, but it may come back better and stronger than ever before.

When I initially made the list, I didn't expect it to get really far.  I really did think it would fail.  But it didn't; in fact, it exceeded my expectations.  It really did remind me of episode twenty-two of "DuRaRaRA!!!", even if there were a few key differences.  For those of you who don't mind spoilers, the episode went like this (highlight to see):  Basically, Anri was running from the Yellow Scarves, and Mikado had enlisted everyone in the Dollars gang to help him find her.  Practically everyone in the city of Ikebukuro was helping Anri to safety, unbeknownst to her.

You can pretty much see why I made the connection.  From Twitter to Tumblr to the Hibiki forum, I was asking for help wherever I could in locating various mangaka, seiyuu, and utaite singers.  For that period of time, we weren't just simply fans, we were a true community.  While there were a handful who pretty much only worried about mangaka for obvious reasons, the majority of us were a community, and we were all just as equally worried.  Compiling the list took up a lot of my time, and I nearly ran myself ragged, but it seemed to be a success.  Heck, it even got linked to on Japanator!  How awesome is that?

I would also like to let everyone know that I have not stopped working on the list!  Updating the list has been slow since the individuals updating the spreadsheet that I depended on have pretty much stopped doing so, and thus I can't update as much as I would like to.  I am still taking names down here, so please, if you know of anyone that is confirmed safe, do let me know! 

Once again, everyone, thank you for helping me out.  =)
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2011-03-11 11:49 am

I thought it best to put this list here...

No doubt everyone's heard about the quake in Japan, and with the death toll rising there are a lot of people to worry about.  I'm gonna try to update this list as much as I can, so if you guys find out anything please comment on this entry with a name (or names).  While the amount of citizens is immeasurable, there are many who are also wondering how their favorite seiyuu/mangaka/artists are doing.  The lists are below:

NOTE: Make sure to use CTRL+F (or however you search in your browser) to find names! If you're commenting with a few people, MAKE SURE THEY ARE ON THE LIST FIRST!!


NOTE 3: Let me just say this--whenever I state that the list is updated, if there is someone on this list that you are looking out for, please search for their names first! If they are not on this list, then they are still unconfirmed! Until their safety is confirmed, please be patient.

Note 4: Whenever you make a comment here, please stick to your own comment threads! I would like the comments to be organized so it makes things easier on me. This means replying to either your comments or continuing the comment thread.

Note 5: The names are alphabetized by LAST NAME/SURNAME FIRST. Before commenting and asking about someone, make sure they are on the list first.

EDIT (5/7/2011): The spreadsheet that I have been checking has not been updated since March 24th, 2011. Regardless, if there's anyone who has been confirmed, please comment with their name(s)! Thank you.

Hopefully this list will grow... )

Guys, if you find out any info lemme know via Twitter (@AzureKitsune) or comment on this post. Let us all keep Japan in our thoughts.
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2011-03-02 09:22 am

Pimping this LJ Comm Once Again~

Ever wonder which Starry Sky boy is most like you in terms of personality?  Go to [ profile] skyrating and see!
Who knows, you could end up like your favorite character, or you could find yourself similar to a character
that you never knew you shared qualities with!  Go on and have some fun if you like rating comms and Starry Sky!

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2011-02-28 10:56 pm
Entry tags:

Shameless Community Plugging

I was too busy ranting about that damn external drive wire that I forgot to pimp this LJ comm that I joined recently.

[ profile] skyrating

It's a rating community, y'all.  A STARRY SKY rating community!  So go there and put in an application if that's your thing--who knows, you might end up like your favorite character~!

There's also another community I'd like to promote:

[ profile] hirarinrabu

This is a LJ comm that I made a while ago, but didn't do any shameless plugging for it till now.  This community is for fans of Daisuke Hirakawa--so please, do not go there bashing, okay?  But if you're a fan of his,  DO JOIN!!!  (or, you can, you know, shamelessly plug this community in  your journal. XD)
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2011-02-17 09:27 pm
Entry tags:

Goodness I feel like watching Star Driver after making this entry...

Reply to this entry with ITS A MEME somewhere in your comment. Then I'll choose six of your icons for you to talk about in your own journal.

My icons that were selected. XD )
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2011-01-03 03:07 pm
Entry tags:

And.. the order has been made!

Man! I hate financial restrictions. orz;;;

Anyway, here are the contents of my recent order from Kinokuniya:

Melancholic Mellow Mellow by Ootsuki Miu
Tsubaki Biyori by Ishino Aya
Tsubaki Dayori by Ishino Aya
sweet pool volume 1 by Kurumazaki Mayu
Barairo no Hoo no Koro by Nakamura Asumiko

Oh how I wish I had a few hundred to burn at that store!!!! T ^T  Regardless, I still love Kinokuniya; it came to $72.83 though.. Damn shipping!! ><
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2011-01-01 01:13 am
Entry tags:

Another Purchasing List!?

You gotta love Christmas.

Anyway, I ended up with a little bit of cash in my pocket.  When that happens, I get the urge to treat myself to stuff.  2010 was a pretty big year for BL manga, so I was only able to get what I really wanted.  Now that I know about Kinokuniya and their free shipping option, I'm going to need your help, fellow fujoshi!  I'm splitting this into two groups--"Definite" are the ones that I've already decided will be part of the purchase.  "Indefinite" are the ones that I'll need your help with.
The list of definite and indefinite. )
Urgh.. why is it so hard to decide when it comes to buying BL manga!?  I should also note that some may (or may not) be out of stock when I do place my order, so suggestions are also welcome as well! :3

EDIT: It's been decided!! Sen ~Zouya no Chigiri~ and Sweet Pool will be part of the order!! Thanks guys! <3
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2010-12-27 09:10 pm
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The Starry Sky Twitterdash Project!

This is something that [ profile] milkfed started since she started watching Starry Sky, and I sorta fell into it as well (though I'm not complaining).  Anyway this is how it goes: You change your icon to a character from the anime/game series "Starry Sky," and keep it that way for as long as possible (since I don't know how long this'll be, possibly until the end of the series?  Hard to say). 

You don't have to participate in this if you don't want to.
Also, this is not based on what our zodiac signs are.  Some of us chose the guy that represented our sign because we like those characters.

Now that that's squared away, here's the who's who on Twitter, in zodiac order (I'm using LJ screennames instead):

Yoh (Capricorn) - [ profile] milkfed 

Tsubasa (Aquarius) -

Kanata (Pisces) - [ profile] zhokolatte 

Kazuki (Aries) -

Homare (Taurus) -

Iku (Gemini) - [ profile] puchuu 

Suzuya (Cancer) -

Naoshi (Leo) -

Hayato (Virgo) - [ profile] azurekitsune 

Kotarou (Libra) -

Miyaji (Scorpio) - [ profile] liathetuna 

Azusa (Sagittarius) - [ profile] musicalabyss 

Shiki (Ophiuchus) -
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2009-09-03 10:14 pm

Link Buttons~

Since our group's growing and more and more people are wanting to translate our projects into other languages,[ profile] sometimesuhurtsuggested that some buttons be made! ^-^  So!  Here are some link buttons from some of our projects.  

Note: This post will be edited as more links are added. 
Note 2: [ profile] sometimesuhurt&[ profile] kepompong, feel free to add these to your blogs as well!  I'll make a little post with these in the comm once more than two are added to this post. xD

Link Buttons Ahoy~ )