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about me


Hi, all! I'm [info]azurekitsune, better known as (on my old-yet-still-standing LJ) [info]kitsune_no_sora


I scanlate unlicensed yaoi manga alongside my buddies [info]sometimesuhurt, [info]kepompong, and [info]shindehokaii. Our group is [info]t3rribletrio, even though we're not a trio anymore. XD They're awesome people! And if you're into yaoi/BL/shounen-ai, do stop by! =D


My LJ's current theme is centered around the otome (maiden) game series "Starry Sky," also known as "Seiza Kareshi." The profile features Hayato Aozora, vice-president of the student council who later becomes president! Hoshit yay!, and the character who represents the characteristics of the zodiac sign Virgo. His seiyuu is the awesome Daisuke Hirakawa.

Photobucket【スタ☆スカ ドットコム】 アニメ「Starry☆Sky」オフィシャルサイトprofile

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM RANDOMLY ADDING ME! If you want to add me, comment on this friends-only post! Also, do not add me just because I'm a mod for TerribleTrio. I won't add you back, and I'll automatically ban you from my journal. The only exception here is Twitter: If I know you from Twitter and we swap LJ links, then you won't have to worry about being banned from seeing my journal entries.



♥♥ Is my seiyuu ♥♥

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anata no tame, anime, bl, earthian, eien no shichigatsu, ishino aya, kuku hayate, loveless, manga, maou no amai keiyaku, miu ootsuki, nakamura asumiko, scanlating, shounen-ai, starry sky, tsubaki biyori, yaoi, yun kouga
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